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BIP Barcelona Integral Projects

Matèria Verda is one of the 6 companies that  forms BIP, an independent multidisciplinary group that offers integral solutions in the fields of the architecture and the engineering through his 7 areas of performance: architecture, structures, installations, acoustic, audiovisual, scenic equipments and landscape/environment. 



This summer, a creative workshop in Olot

The Foundation Bunka organises the International Summer Course of  Architecture and Landscape.


Smart Green in the Smart City


Next of November, Barcelona will held the second edition of the Smart City Expo & World Congress 


Have you ever visited this garden?

Do you know why the castle of Courances is an unique place in France?. First at all, because when you trolling under the trees bent, following the perspectives that seem to have been opened by the waters, you are ready to discover five centuries of history of gardens. And, this park and castle belongs to the same family from 1872.

The tree of the year

The avenue is formed by 22 lindens and 10 oaks, and is in the park that surrounds the local castle of Skalicka, a small population of the Bohemia Central, with just only 550 inhabitants. However, those are very active because they have achieved 12.000 votes, and this avenue has been the winner of the contest of European tree of the year 2011. 

The plant of this season

Verbena bonariensis and can be planted with a variety of different perennials, including grasses. It has a long flowering season, making it an ideal plant for low-maintenance gardens .It works well in a number of garden settings, such as cottage and contemporary gardens, due to its height and airy appearance. It's also beneficial for attracting wildlife, particularly butterflies.