The company
There are good reasons to count on Matèria Verda:


Matèria Verda is a company of services, expert in consultancy and advice, dedicated to the public administration and also to private companies. Matèria Verda not only manages and plans green spaces but also carries out garden and landscape projects.

Matèria Verda offers a global product in the management of the green, that deals from the elaboration of management plans, until the technical training of managers.

We work in Matèria Verda all scales of products, from the individual cultivation of species until projects of landscape.

Matèria Verda works for the Public Administration (City Councils, County councils, Counties Advice, Consortia, Business and other Administration organisations and institutions) and also for private companies, such as studies of architecture, studies of engineering, companies of the sector of the gardening and landscape, equipment and game companies, theme and recreational parks and cultural facilities.