More than 30 years of experience

Matèria Verda experts in design and maintenance of green areas

Matèria Verda is a service company dedicated to consulting, advice, design, construction and maintenance of green areas.

We offer a global product in green management, which ranges from the development of management plans to the technical training of managers.

At Matèria Verda we work on product scales, from the individual cultivation of species to landscape projects.

Matèria Verda works for the Public Administration (City Councils, Provincial Councils, Regional Councils, Consortiums, Companies and other organizations and institutions of the Administration) and also for private companies, such as architecture studios, engineering companies, companies in the gardening and landscape sector, companies of children’s equipment and games, theme and recreational parks and cultural facilities.

"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago,
the second best time is now"


Training, knowledge and study applied to public and private greenery


We go further in projects and services, applying reengineering and creativity in the green


Seriousness and technical and scientific solidity at the service of our clients


There are many companies, from the public and private sectors, that have placed their trust in us


More than 30 years of solid track record in strategic projects in the green sector

The team

Antoni Falcón

Antoni Falcón

Presidente ejecutivo
Martí Boada

Martí Boada

Joan Rieradevall

Joan Rieradevall

Doctor en ciencias químicas
Gerard Passola

Gerard Passola

Ignacio Pujol-Xicoy

Ignacio Pujol-Xicoy

Ingeniero Agrícola
Manel Barroso

Manel Barroso

Ingeniero Agrícola

Cónoce a nuestros profesionales

Executive president of Matèria Verda, he is the director and coordinator of the team of collaborators.
  • Master gardener and specialist technician from the Escola de Jardineria i Paisatge Nicolau M Rubió i Tuduri
  • Diploma in the Orléans Horticultural Technical School
  • Diploma from the Versailles Landscape School
  • Diploma in Edafology and Plant Genetics from the University of Barcelona
  • Master in Management Function in Local Administrations and Registration in Business Management from the Escola Superior d'Administració i Direcció d'Businesses (ESADE)

In the field of teaching, director of the Escola Viver Castell de Sant Foix, professor of the Master of Architecture and Landscape at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and of the course on the rehabilitation of historic gardens and parks at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. He is the author of numerous conferences and presentations related to urban greenery and the sustainability of green areas. His last international conference was in Strasbourg, in October 2009, at the European meeting of landscape architects 4èmes Assises Européennes du Paysage.

Author of numerous articles in specialized magazines in the sector. Currently, he is a regular contributor to the magazines PAISEA and PAISAJISMO. Director of the magazine Barcelona Verda (1992-2001). Co-author of various publications on vegetation and the parks and gardens of Barcelona. Recently, author of the book “Green Spaces for a sustainable city” edited by Gustavo Gili.

Long professional career in the public green spaces sector as managing director of the Barcelona Parks and Gardens Service for 16 years and director of the Montjuïc Park Management Center of the Barcelona City Council. As a professional activity in the private sector, president of the company Matèria Verda, S.L., consulting on issues related to the management and design of green areas and gardens and director of the Santa & Cole Forestal (2004-2008) and Aurea nursery operations. Herbs & Trees.

Among the works developed over the years, author of the restoration projects of Can Castelló and Jardins de la Tamarita in Barcelona and numerous private gardens (Urdangarin in Barcelona, Mercader in Cadaqués...) Collaborator as advisor in architecture studios and Miralles-Tagliabue landscape for the projects of the Diagonal Mar park and the University of Vigo, as well as the Lluis Millet studio for the projects of the Manresa Multicultural Center and the Barberà del Vallès sports field.

Member of the jury of different park project competitions such as the Nou jardí Botànic in Barcelona, the Parc Nou de Terrassa or the Cims de Montjuïc.

Martí Boada today is one of the most prominent international naturalists.

United Nations Global 500 Award, he received the Creu de Sant Jordi in 1999 and was awarded the National Environment Award in 2004. Guest professor at Universities in Central and North America, his professional activity combines university teaching, as a master's professor of environmental topics, with the dissemination of nature and biodiversity, in different media programs in the country.

Linked to the university world by his main activity, head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the UAB, Joan Rieradevall, has extensive experience in directing research and development work in the thematic areas of environmental management, ecodesign, and technical audits.

He has received, among others, the 2001 Design Award for Recycling awarded by the Department of Environmental Medicine of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the 1990 City of Barcelona Award for Applied Technology in the Environmental Environment.

The professional career of Gerard Passola, a biologist by training, has been dedicated to urban arboriculture since its beginnings, both in the field of developing management plans and in assessing the state of trees and risk prevention. He is a member of the most prestigious arboricultural associations and regularly participates in conferences, seminars and courses as a speaker.


Ignacio Pujol-Xicoy develops his professional activity in the fields of water and landscape. A pioneer in natural water purification applied to bathing and ornamental areas, he is a consultant in water optimization in landscaping. Currently his activity is linked to the firm ARAGrup, advice and supply of materials for naturalized pools, environmental actions and water management in the landscape.

Manel Barroso is an agronomic consultant on issues of soil management, fertilizers, phytosanitary treatments, endotherapy and integrated control, as well as the uses of geotextiles in agriculture, gardening and soil engineering and also the integration of new technologies in the field of both agriculture and green areas.

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