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Green space management

Urban green spaces are vital to guarantee the environmental quality of the city and are the most significant element of the environmental policies of cities.

Green areas are also areas of socialization and relationships between the different groups that make up urban society.

The management of urban green spaces requires detailed planning to rationalize tasks and correctly distribute technical, material and human resources, to direct them where they are really necessary.

Advanced management of public green areas needs to use comprehensive and applied systems that help in decision-making and facilitate daily tasks. Matèria Verda has comprehensive differentiated management and sustainable maintenance programs, which are specifically applied in each situation: Master Plans, Quality control programs for green areas and street trees, Ecogardening, Organization of courses, technical seminars and debate forums on the green…

One of the basic tools for the management of public green areas are the Master Plans, which outline the urban green strategies of the municipalities.

A Master Plan includes the objectives of green planning and growth, environmental policy and typology of green areas, green maintenance guidelines, their equipment and urban green protection measures. A Master Plan is also a tool for dissemination and communication with citizens.

The quality of the city’s green areas and trees is the main objective to be assumed by the managers and public officials of the green areas.

To do this, it is necessary to have objective and measurable control systems that can guarantee a reliable evaluation.

The quality control programs developed by Matèria Verda allow the state of urban green areas and elements to be objectively quantified, in order to obtain continuous improvement.

Managing with environmental criteria is an obligation of municipal officials to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The green spaces of a city are a magnificent platform to visualize and apply environmental concepts such as biodiversity, saving natural resources such as water, soil protection or the use of phytosanitary products.

Only with a deep knowledge of the technical and management process is it possible to work efficiently and effectively.

Matèria Verda’s professional training programs are designed according to client requirements, based on the following thematic areas:

• Sustainable gardening
• Road trees
• Maintenance of green areas
• Vegetation: trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and grasses
• Irrigation of green areas
• Equipment of green areas
• Maintenance and inspection programs for green areas

Garden and Landscape Projects

Matèria Verda carries out green space projects, worked entirely to offer comprehensive solutions

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