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Management of Green Spaces

Urban green spaces are essential to guarantee an environmental quality of the city and they are also the most significant element of environment policies of the cities.

Green spaces are also socialisation and relationship areas between different communities that form the urban society.

The management of the urban green spaces requires a detailed planning to rationalise tasks and correctly distribute the technical, material and human resources, to apply them where it’s really necessary.

The advanced management of the public green spaces needs to use all-inclusive and applied systems that help in the decision making and provide daily tasks. Matèria Verda has differentiated management comprehensive programs and sustainable maintenance, that are applied specifically in every situation: Strategic plans, quality Control programs of green spaces and forested road, Eco-gardening, Courses, technical seminars and forums about the green organisation …

Strategic plans

One of the basic tools for the management of the public green spaces are the Strategic Plans, that define strategies with regard to the urban green of the municipalities.

Quality control programs of green spaces and street trees

The quality of the urban green spaces and street trees is the main goal
to assume by public managers and people in charge of green spaces.


Managing with environmental criteria is an obligation of the public managers in charge to improve its inhabitants' life quality.

Courses, technical forums and seminars organisation on the green

Only from a deep knowledge of the technical process and management is possible to work in an efficient and accurate way.